Kawazu Sakura Software is a software development company, that develops high quality, beautiful mobile apps and web applications in React / React Native. 

Our company logo is a combination of a Japanese cherry blossom leaf and a digital circuit, representing our company goal to help appreciate the beautiful nature in the world through technology.


We use the latest technologies such as React and React Native for frontend and GraphQL with Node.js for the backend to build up to date apps.

Our team consists of programmers with more than 10 years of programming experience, who worked in both startups and big companies like Facebook.



Patrick Klitzke founded Kawazu Sakura Software in November 2018.

Patrick started programming at the age of 13. During university, he interned at Facebook as a Software Engineer. He received a Master Degree with Honors in Computer Science from Saarland University.


When he is not programming or managing his company he loves to travel and learn about different cultures. He is native in German, fluent in English and conversational in Japanese.

Our Clients



Mapify is a social network for travel lovers, that helps users plan their next vacation by giving a recommendation of places with pictures taken from other users as well as tips for accommodation and what to bring for your travel. 

The founder of Kawazu Sakura Software has been working with Mapify since the beginning of 2018 and Kawazu Sakura Software will continue to support development for the Android and iOS App as well as the website. 


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